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The user must be over 16 years old. There is no limit of the weight and height to fly.

The Zapata Racing products can be used in : the lake, sea, ocean and other water areas on the condition of minimum 4 meters depth. It is forbidden to use them in a pools and other shallow water areas.

Yes. Our instructors control and ensure the safety all the time. Their task is to control the power and the pressure of the water at the moment of the flight to prevent any threat or dangerous situation.

FLYBOARD® is a board that allows you to flight over the surface of the water, make spectacular tricks and dive. Jet ski is a heart of the device that is connected to it with a hose (18 or 23 meters) that transfer the water to the nozzles placed under the user’s feet.

Flyboard® and JetPack by ZR® allow you to fly up to 18m above the water surface and the hoverboard by ZR®up to 8m. Of course, the maximal height depends on three factors: the length of the hose, power of the jet ski and the body weight of the user.

There is no weight limitations!

Yes, it requires swimming skills.

It is a sport that fully use the leg muscles and the entire body muscles. We recommend warming up and stretching all the muscles before the flight.

Swimsuit (we recommend one piece swimsuit for women) and towel. We provide you helmet, life vest and wetsuit.

The season starts on the 1st May, and finishes on the 30th September. The Start and end of the season depend on the weather conditions.

Depending on the skills of the user from 2 to 5 minutes.